3M™ Quick Term II Silicone Rubber Indoor Termination Kits

3M™ Quick Term II Silicone Rubber Indoor Termination Kits

3M Cable Cold Shrink Termination Kits for Medium Voltage Cable

  • Product Specification:5KV-25KV Level
  • Order Information:Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Tube
    3 Tube / Kit

3M Quick Term II Silicone Rubber Termination Kits are one-piece Cold Shrink terminations for Concentric Neutral (CN), Tape Shield and Wire Shield cable. They meet the requirements of IEEE standard 48- 1990, for class 1 terminations and applicable sections of IEEE 404-1986. The 3M Quick Term II consists of a high dielectric constant (High-K) stress control tube insulated with a molded silicone skirted insulator. There is a three skirt design  rated 15kV, a six skirt design rated 25/28 KV. Quick Term II terminations are provided in an expanded state, mounted on a removable inner supporting plastic core. As supplied in this pre-stretched condition the termination is ready for field installation. During installation the core is unwound, allowing termination to shrink and form a tight seal.


Kit Number

Cable Insulation O.D. Range (mm)

Conductor Size Range


QT-25116-28 --35-100
QT-25227-46 --