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Established in September 1997
We main sell 3M Energy division product and low/medium power distribution material.

Because we always contact with engineering industry, we add new product division ENTRELEC brand, it had been bought by ABB then sold to TE Connectivity in June 2018. During this time, 3M telecom division sold to Corning.

Our client have Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution Machinery Manufacturing, Steel manufacturing, semi-conductor manufacturing, public construction and large scale landmark…etc. We service the whole of Taiwan and be trust from our client.

SINCE 1997

Service First

We always offer the best service experience to our client, and let our client don’t worry about installation.We focus on efficiency for every case, no matter what small / big or not. We will offer the best explanation for you.

E platform

Since 2016, we started to use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and official website to client. Any product information, you can find on website and these platform to realize.

In order to promote energy conservation and respond to environmental sustainability, all written materials will be uploaded to the aforementioned locations, enabling our clients to easily access relevant information and gain understanding.

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